We have hundreds of loan programs for you, but some may be better choices, based on your budget, lifestyle and goals. We will always take a consultative approach to your loan, explaining the many scenarios that may assist you in achieving your short and long term financial goals.  We understand the importance of matching customers with the right mortgage and will go the extra mile to ensure your loan program makes the very best sense for you.

Explore your purchase options:

  • Buying your first home? First time homebuyers come to us because we offer many programs geared to new home buyers such as FHA loans. Our Mortgage Loan Originators understand the excitement and stress of buying your first home and take time to walk alongside you. We have hundreds of loan choices for first time home buyers; our Mortgage Loan Originators have years of experience in guiding you to a mortgage that fits your lifestyle.

  • If you’ve managed your money responsibly, this can pay off big when you buy a home. Higher credit scores qualify for conventional financing with a lower interest rate. Also, if your down payment is at least 20% of your new home’s value, you won’t be required to pay mortgage insurance.

  • Don’t like surprises? A fixed-rate loan keeps everything simple and predictable, as your interest rate is locked from the start. Your payments will only change if you maintain an escrow account for taxes and homeowner’s insurance, and only if the costs of these change.

  • Veteran Affairs (VA) loans offer qualifying veterans the option to buy without a down payment. Since these loans are government-insured, they offer flexible credit requirements and limited closing fees. Active duty military may also qualify.

  • An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loan starts out with a lower rate than a fixed-rate loan, but their rates are subject to market fluctuations after the initial fixed period. An ARM may be a good choice if you’re planning to sell or refinance before the first adjustment (generally five to 10 years).

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